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Science-Backed Research Shows These Everyday Objects Are Covered With So Many Germs And Bacteria



Daily Chores of a Mother

Believe it or not, there was a time when families would share utensils and toothbrushes with each other. Travelers share a bed with total strangers when they need lodging for a night. Have you used the traditional drinking fountain that comes with a single cup that everyone can use? 

However, the discovery of germs changed all that old-school practice. When the germ theory came along and discovered that bacteria, germs, and viruses can cause diseases, it had a very profound impact on how humans behaved. 

Moreover, because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, people are getting extra conscious of cleanliness. Sharing beds, spitting in public, coughing, and sneezing without covering the mouth and nose is unacceptable. Sanitation becomes a must as the whole world experienced the worst pandemic in human history. 

That being said, we’d like to inform you about everyday items that are literally covered with germs and bacteria that can cause diseases. We hope that this information will prevent you and your family from any microbial infection that can lead to major health issues. 


Person Holding 100 Us Dollar Banknotes

Cash, whether bills or coins travel from one person to the other. That being said, they’re a carrier of all known germs and bacteria, maybe even viruses. What’s even worse, paper bills are made of paper which makes them almost impossible to clean. 


Young woman cleaning teeth in bathroom

Toothbrushes are supposed to keep our teeth clean. Although it’s technically correct, however, your toothbrush might contain more than 100 million bacteria such as E. Coli, staph, and even fecal bacteria. Likewise, it’s not the toothbrush itself that makes it dirty but where you place it that you should give a thought. 

Moreover, a lot of people place their toothbrushes close to the toilet. Just imagine where the particles fall when you flush the toilet bowl after you poop. 

Remote Control 

Person Holding Black Remote Control

We use the remote controls every time we watch TV. Have you thought about when was the last time you had it cleaned? Moreover, we unconsciously touch our mouth, face, and eyes after we use the remote control. 

Additionally, researchers say that remote controls may contain an estimated 70 different types of bacteria per square inch. 

Dog Toys

Dog Pulling His Toy

Have you heard someone said, a dog’s mouth is cleaner than humans? That kind of thinking might just be pure nonsense. However, what we know for sure is, your dog’s old chew toy is one of the most germ and bacteria-contaminated things you have in your house. 


Now treated metal surfaces can destroy bacteria instantly, says study - The  Week
The Week

Far and wide, door handles are one of the most-touched things in the home. It’s almost subconscious how we use them. For that reason, they belong to household items that are just as grimy as can be. See how fast doorknobs can spread different pathogens inside your home? 

In addition, it’s not just in your home. In fact, researchers conducted a test with a weakened trace of a virus on a door handle in an office. At the end of the day, they found out that the virus had been carried by up to 40 -60 percent of the people in the building. 

Elevator Buttons 

Anonymous person pressing button of lift

Are you gonna go up or gonna throw up? Truth is, we’re not sure which way we want after learning about the fact about elevator buttons. However, we’ve got a few numbers on the elevator buttons. 

A study said that 61 percent of elevator buttons had microbial growth. Comparatively, toilet seats have 43 percent. Just imagine the numbers. Moreover, some research suggests that elevators have 40 times more germs and bacteria living in them than a toilet seat at a  public restroom. 

Shopping Carts 

Here's Why Shopping Carts Are Getting Bigger and Bigger
Taste of Home

Can you imagine how many people use shopping carts on a daily basis? No matter who you are, or what you do, you need to buy groceries. Unless you got someone to do the deed for you, then you’re a lucky one. Although there’s someone cleaning up the aisle and floors, I haven’t seen someone cleaning the carts. 


Photo of Girl Hugging Her Mom While Doing Yoga Pose

The only thing I’m sure of is the fact that everyone has used a carpet. However, have you tried cleaning it yourself? Unless of course, you have the cash to get them cleaned by a professional. But if you do, you’ve been mesmerized by how the once clear water turned black after the carpet was drenched in it. 

Moreover, we’ve got some fascinating facts about carpets. Science said human beings are estimated to shed an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 dead skins in a single minute. Where would those dead skins fall? 


Crop cleaner wiping off toilet bowl

Sponges are some of the humblest things inside the house. They’re so simple yet they do most of the dirty work. Because of that, they are considered one of the dirtiest objects in the kitchen. In fact, the small holes and crevices are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacterias. 

Cutting Boards

Fresh vegetables and fish on cutting board in kitchen

Cutting boards surely isn’t one of the cleanest surfaces inside the home. No matter what type your cutting board is, it can carry so much bacteria. However, wooden cutting boards are more susceptible for bacteria to thrive since they can be soaked with water compared to its counterparts. 

Researchers even found that wooden cutting boards might contain 200 times more bacteria than your toilet seat. 

Restaurant Menu

Eat Printed Paper

Can I get your order? Just think of how many hands each restaurant menu came across before you. That makes them part of the germ-breeding ground that you unconsciously held with your hand. And where do your hands end up after that? 

That being said, no one knows who held it before you. The next time you hold the laminated menu, make sure you think of what you read here. Likewise, we suggest you wash your hands before you dive into the food. 

Soap Dispensers

Plastic Pump Bottle on Sink

Frequent hand washing is very important. You should do it after you use the bathroom, CR, before you eat, and before you go sit in the office. However, soap dispensers are not frequently cleaned after use. For this reason, we might have been collecting more pathogens than eliminating them. 

Computer Keyboards

Black and White Computer Keyboard

Have you tried eating your meal during work because you’ve so many things to do? Don’t lie! You have, right? That said, there is more to worry about than the crumbs left on the keyboards. Just think of the last time you cleaned your keyboard with alcohol? If you can’t remember, try to go over the keys with an alcohol-based wipe the next time you use it. 

Bed Sheets

Woman Sleeping

Let’s have a little bit of pillow talk, yes? Who doesn’t want to cuddle in the warm bedsheets? When you’re working, there are times you don’t want to leave your bed, right? However, if you know how many bacteria might have gathered in your bed sheet, I bet you will change your mind about being too cozy with it.

In fact, germs do love spending time in our beds just like we do. Because bed sheets are warm, with dark crevices, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. From this point on, washing your bed sheet once a week is ideal especially if you’re a little bit cozy. 

Cell Phones

Person Holding Space Gray Iphone 6

We live in a world where we often have cell phones in our hands. Basically, we carry them around everywhere we go. That makes them a carrier of pathogens all the time. Surprisingly, researchers found out that cell phones are breeding grounds of E.coli, staph, and strep. Moreover, some studies said that cell phones have 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats. 

Surprisingly, we put them in our beds close to our faces. 

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7 Mental Health Tips for 2021



Woman Holding a Smiley Balloon

In 2019, 20.6% of American adults had mental health issues. That represents 2 out of 10 out of all American adults. Another alarming statistic is that 5.2% of Americans having serious mental health problems. 

Those are very worrying numbers and because of the pandemic, they are sure to have increased. The unemployment, the economic uncertainties, the health concerns brought about by COVID-19 are taking their toll on the mental health of individuals everywhere.

Mental Health Tips for 2021

Are you having a hard time right now? If you are feeling that your mental health is suffering, it’s little consolation that you are not alone. But it may be helpful to learn that there are certain tips that you can use to improve your mental health.

Here are 7 tips that you can use:

Tip #1: Express What You Feel

Talking about your feelings is a simple and yet effective way of strengthening your mental health. Expressing how you feel, can be a great way of coping with things that bother you. Talking about one’s feelings is actually seen as a sign of business by a lot of people, which is why some people avoid it. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Tip #2: Stay Active

It is believed by many experts that exercise can help to release chemicals in the brain which can make you feel good. Also, performing exercises regularly can help improve your self-esteem and your concentration. Don’t forget the fact that it will keep your body healthier.

Tip #3: Eat Healthily

Variety of Dishes

Your brain just like the other parts of your body, requiring nutrients in order to function. So you need to eat and healthy and include the foods that are good for your brain. These foods include:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Cereals
  • Nuts
  • Dairy products
  • Fish

Make sure that you eat these foods together with the other foods that are needed by the other parts of your body.

Tip #4: Don’t Drink to Feel Better

Some people drink alcoholic beverages to feel better. The problem with this is that its effect is only temporary. Once the effect of the drink wears off you end up feeling better because you get alcohol withdrawal symptoms. So, don’t turn to drink to make yourself feel better.

Tip #5: Take a Break

Pair of Red-and-white Low-top Sneakers

Sometimes, all it takes for you to have a fresh start is a change of scenery or setting. Try to take a break from your routine. You don’t have to travel to a distant destination for this to work. You can just go to the park for example or maybe visit the beach.

Tip #6: Accept and Be Proud of Who You Are

This is easier said than done but you need to accept who you are to feel good about yourself. Be proud of who you are and what you can do instead of trying to become someone else. 

It’s not easy but you have to do it.

Tip #7: Get Help

Mental health problems are very serious and it is possible that you cannot deal with them on your own. Get help from family and friends. If you don’t have people in your life who can help you then there are groups that advocate for assisting people with mental health problems.

These are just seven mental health tips that you can follow. These tips can be especially helpful now during the pandemic.



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