6 Core Exercises for Six-Pack Abs

Many people dream of having six-pack abs, but it takes more than hundreds of crunches a day to reach the goal. 

First and foremost, abs are made in the kitchen. Once you’ve established the proper diet, you have to focus on the muscles surrounding your abs—the core. 

The core is the body’s center of power. It contains the muscles that lie deep within the torso and stabilize your body, whether it’s stationary or dynamic movement. Balance and stabilization workouts help define the abdominal muscle groups, which results in the defined stomach many desire. 

The following six exercises will strengthen your body while sculpting your abs. You don’t need fancy machines: all you need is your own body weight, a med ball and a stability ball. 

Note: Do each move for one minute. Complete 4 to 5 rounds.

1. Supported In and Outs

Sit on your sitting bones and place your feet on the ground with your knees bent. Place your hands behind your back for support.

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